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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S



"What a superb presentation by Rahimji. Not only is he a versatile artist but the rendition of his notes and the ability to control his voice goes to show the calibre of the artist. His voice lingers in the ears and the way he controls the words of the ghazals with his on-going musical notes shows the love he has for ghazals. The fine rendition of the beautiful music is an added resonance to his voice.....I would recommend this fine CD, "TUM HO" to all music lovers"


PRABHA DEVI, MA in Music, Washington, USA

"Mr Rahim Zullah visited India from Brisbane and we were fortunate to attend his concerts in Delhi. His versatile knowledge of old and new URDU poets was spell binding, along with his mastery over the various ragas and rendering it in his soulful and expressive voice was very refreshing and entertaining.

He was very well appreciated and applauded by the audience with many encores."

Zakia Zaheer, New Delhi

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