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Solo Concerts in various overseas countries including India, Singapore, Bangladesh, New Zealand and inter-state in Australia.

He has also been invited to perform in the USA and Canada, as well as all the major Music and Multicultural Festivals and Events in Queensland.


 In 2008- 2010-2012-2017 & 2018 Rahim performed at the invitation of The Habitat World International Centre in New Delhi, India.

2018 Released a new CD entitled "Desire", a collaboration with Australian musicians.

In 2017 Rahim performed Ghazals on Door Darshan National Television as well as All India Radio.


In 2012 Rahim was given the opportunity to record and perform on the famous Door Darshan Television Station in India. This was televised on their national program.


Other concerts include Classical Vocal duets with International Sitar Maestros Huib Schippers and Saikat Bhattacarya


Classical vocal duet with flute by Vinod Prasanna


Harmonium accompaniment with Raka Mukerjee, Gauri Pathare , Pandit Vinayak Torvi, Nabanita Chowdury, as well as Classical Vocalists Swami Chaitanya Swarup, Kumar Gaurav Kholi, and the world famous Sunita Tikare. Also International Ghazal Artist Radhika Chopra.


Classical Vocal duet with Sarangi by Sangeet Mishra


Rahim was specially invited to perform devotional Songs (Bhajans) on a personal invitation of the Director of Yoga in Daily Life during the visit of His Holiness Vishnu Guru Mahamandaleshwar Paramahans Swami Maheshwaranda of Rajasthan, India.


Rahim was invited in 2013 to perform at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards at Brisbane City Hall, to an international audience, including the Mayor of Brisbane. Rahim has participated in the Sangheet Mela Classical concerts in Brisbane 2014 & 2015, BEMAC winter world Festival,  Woodford Folk Festival, Tribute to Mehdi Hassan & Jagjit Singh Concert, as well as the Journey of Hope for Children of Afghanistan at the Gold Coast in 2010, and Devotional Bhajans for Navaratri Festival also at the Gold Coast. Also Brisbane City Council Library Concerts, and Sham-E Ghazals Concert for The Brisbane Music Circle.

Door Darshan Television, Delhi, as well as Delhi All India Radio were venues performed at in India.

As a Concert organiser, some verry well-known artists have performed in Brisbane under his banner, namely:

Jagjit Singh, Penaaz Masani, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Talat Aziz, Gundecha Brothers, Ghulam Abbas, Ustad Ghulam Sadiq Khan, Pandit Vinayak Torvi, Swami Chaitanya Swarup and Gulfam Sabri, as well as Classical Vocalist Ghulam Hassan Khan and Tabla Virtuoso Zuheb Ahmed Khan. Rahim has also presented fine Indian Classical music concerts by Sunita Tikare in 2015 & 2016.


Rahim has Facilitated a series of Workshops on the finer Nuances of Indian Music, inspiring many Indian and Western Musicians, as well as Lecture Demonstrations in Various Educational Institutions.


Rahim Strongly Believes that music is an Art form with Therapeutic effects.





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